Thursday, March 9, 2017

5 New Features on the My Profile Page of the Virtual Writing Tutor Grammar Checker

New Features

Check out the new features on Here are five for members only, but we haven't stopped adding them yet. There are many more on their way. Remember that membership is free.

1. Saved Texts

The most recent addition is the "Saved Text" feature on the  Whenever members use the Virtual Writing Tutor to check grammar, the system saves the text to the member's profile. That way you never lose a draft, and you can go back to see the changes you made. If you want to delete a text for whatever reason, now you can. Notice the little hot link on the right hand side of the My Profile page, on the "Saved Text" tab. Click it to remove a text from the list.

2. Change Your Password

You can easily change your password for your account. Click on the "Change Password" tab and enter your new password twice and your old password once. 

3. Recover Your Password

If you have forgotten your password, you can now have a copy of your password sent to your email address. Since only you can access your email inbox, only you can recover it. 

4. Subscribe or Unsubscribe to Our Newsletter

We don't want to pester your with emails you don't want, so you can unsubscribe from our newsletter mailing list anytime and subscribe again just as easily.

5. Error Correction Game

We have a cool new way to improve your revision skills. It is coming soon to your "My Profile" page. Stay tuned. You'll love it!

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