Sunday, February 10, 2013

The 10 Best Grammar Checkers

I have added to an existing list. The link is here:

Best Grammar Checkers
To help you to consider the merits of the various systems in terms of addressing  English as a Second Language errors, I would like to offer examples of sentences selected from my students' writing. The best grammar checker on the list is Grammarbase with ten votes, so I submitted the sentences below to and received the message here to the right: "Congratulations! There are no critical mistakes in your writings." Judge for yourself.
After that, I had one of those bad day, everything badly begins this day. 
My school schedule is simple, everyday I start at 9 hr.
My last class of English it was in 2010.
I am studying here since two years.
I am in this program for 2 years
His mother took us there when we are young. 

I submitted this longer text, a text recently contributed by a user, and Grammarbase indicates that my text is genius level writing.
One day, I traveled to Ushuaia, but I had no idea than I would to find. I come to plane, I traveled four hours, and I arrived in Buenos Aires after, I come the second plane (the small and noisy plane) and I arrived in End of the World as the called the Ushuaia. I stayed wonder! The airport was built of wood and glass. The landscape was beautiful! The mountains and the sea together were amazing. I took the taxi and I arrived in the downtown. The city is as postcard. The homes had the European style and the diversity colours. The persons were friendly. There many activities for to make. I enjoyed a lot. The activity which I very loved was the track in the Park National. The thing very interesting was looked the evening at twenty three hours!

Please, try the samples given above on and then visit the list and decide which is really the best grammar checker for ESL students.


  1. Thanks for the heads up and great tip! Having a tool that is more intelligent than Microsoft Word is often a great time saver, and for us not having English as our native language, can save us for making a fool of ourself...

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  4. grammarchecker
    We learn to talk from our caregivers. If we are brought up with the help of a nanny, we will often grasp their way of speaking. This can include improper usage of grammar or even the utterance of the wrong words. No one actually pays heed to grammar once they get it done in the school.


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