Thursday, March 9, 2017

Report Bad Feedback and False Alarms with a Single Click

Nobody likes to see bad feedback or false alarms while using the Virtual Writing Tutor. These little annoyances waste our time and mental energy. That's why I put a lot of energy into reducing the number of false alarm messages the VWT generates. I do my very best to make sure you get only useful feedback. I'm making progress, but I can't imagine all of the sentences that users might write, so I can't eliminate all of these problems on my own.
I need your help!
That's why I added a "Report" button next to every feedback message the system generates. 
If you receive bad feedback or a false alarm, click it! Here's what happens next for members. An alert will show asking you to confirm your decision to report the problem. Click OK. 
The system will let you know if your report was successfully submitted for review. 
Then, the report is stored in my Administration Panel so that I can review reports and make the changes necessary to eliminate the false alarm or fix the feedback.
I can then delete old reports and update the system so that you do not see that problem again. 
Please use the "Report" button as often as you feel it is necessary. It is a big help to me, and you help all of the other users of the by improving the feedback that everyone gets on their texts.

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