Friday, November 27, 2015

Aspect Error with the Present Progressive and the Simple Present

English can be confusing for many learners because of something called aspect. To illustrate, you can say, "I am eating breakfast" and "I eat breakfast." Both are correct. Both are in the present tense, but each has a different aspect and communicate a different meaning. Do you know when to use the Simple Present and when to use the Present Progressive? Try this.

Do you know the answer? 


 Every day, I am waking up at noon. 
 Every day, I wake up at noon.
Use the Simple Present, not the Present Progressive, for normal routines, habits and facts.

Similar Errors

  • My brother is usually playing video game.
  • My mother is really special for me because I can't cook without burning the whole house, so she's making all my meals all days.
  • Every year student is having difficulty to decision the right career.

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