Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Difference between Even If and Even Though

Even if you don't know the difference and even though English grammar can be tricky for learners of English as a Second Language, this question comes up often: what is the difference between "even if" and "even though"?

Do you know the difference? 
What is the difference between even if and even though?


 Even if robots are not human, they have many human characteristics.
 Even though robots are not human, they have many human characteristics.
Use "even if" when your are not sure if it is true. Use "even though" when you are expressing a fact.

Common Errors 

Here are some examples of common errors that the VirtualWritingTutor can catch.
  • I am always screaming like a stuck pig even if I am not one. 
  • She loves them all, even if they are wild animals.
  • Even if Routers are not humans, they still have one human characteristic. 

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